Finally listened to the Once and Future Podcast, so good! (10 minute intermission while I revisit the Teen Girl Squad).

Here are 5.5 reasons I loved it:

  1. Listening to smart people talking about interesting things is one of my favourite pastimes, especially when it is an interest I share.
  2. I am more likely to read an author’s books if I have a sense of his or her personality. Blog posts, twitter interactions, and this podcast are an excellent way to learn more about an author. Conversations between authors are a twofer!
  3. O&F episode 1 combines news sections with interviews, one blogger, and two authors, at just over an hour, this feels like a substantial length, but is easily listened to in shorter sections if that’s how you enjoy your podcasts.
  4. Best character naming advice I’ve heard so far.
  5. Though this is a first episode, Strout has a good format for the show and the interviews sound like conversations between friends that also include useful information and advice.
(5.5 I listened while at the gym, and it made the time fly by!)